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“AMPLIFI” Your Print Advertising with A Digital Boost

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Even in this digital age, print remains a powerful advertising tool. A print ad provides a tangible connection between your business and your customer, and the tactile interaction the customer has with your print ad is an advantage not offered by almost any other form of advertising. But a print ad is only one touch point reaching your customers, while most consumers require 7 (or more!) touches before converting. Reaching your highly targeted customers both in-mailbox and online boosts the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. With Mancuso Media’s AMPLIFI “print plus digital” product, you can synchronize the timing of your print campaign with the delivery of digital ad messaging to the digital devices of the same customers receiving your print ads. With your mailing list plus our technology, you can see over 30% increased engagement over traditional print campaigns.

How In-Home Digital Targeting Works

First, we process your direct mail list to match your customers’ postal addresses to their digital equivalent based on their household’s internet address – we are able to reach up to 90% match accuracy. We can then reuse your print artwork to create engaging digital companion campaigns offering brand consistency across desktop and mobile, driving customers to specific landing pages designed for conversions. Finally, your ads are delivered across all devices both in-app and in-browser to your customers’ homes via IP address. These in-home digital ads can be synced with your print campaign to deliver messaging before, during, or after print drop, or consistently across your campaign.

Throughout the process, Mancuso Media provides strategic planning and best practices to determine ad frequency and campaign duration based on your campaign goals.

Benefits of Adding Digital “Amplification” To Print Messaging:

  • Adding targeted and timely digital messaging increases customer recall and engagement by over 30%, for a fraction of the cost of print
  • Print is a great tangible medium, and digital can consistently remind and provide an increase in memory recall, with the added benefit of the ability to take instant action
  • Proprietary reporting based on your customers’ engagement where we can match back customers who engaged with your digital ads to show the ROI

Results in case study – Match back using Digital AMPLIFI

In our case study of an auto service chain, our client saw an average 31.16% lift in response rate when digital ads were deployed to “AMPLIFI” the print messaging, compared to just print advertising on its own.


Download the full infographic here.

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