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Updates on the Current Marketing Landscape

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MLB Team Owners Propose To Start Season in July

Major League Baseball and the Players Association kicked off negotiations about resuming the 2020 season on May 14th. The league owners proposed a shortened regular season, to begin in early July, with an expanded postseason and a revenue-sharing plan. The proposal also outlined coronavirus safety measures.

The Players Association responded on May 22nd with feedback on the proposed health and safety plan, and many players have voiced objections to the financial terms of the shortened season. Money will be the sticking point on whether the team owners and the players can forge a path toward playing this year at all, but they are hoping to at least agree on the health and safety measures first – otherwise the money doesn’t matter.

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Ads Around COVID-19 Work Better Within News Media, Study Finds

Brands are struggling to find the best way to address COVID-19 in their messaging, recognizing that it’s a sensitive topic but also that they may have useful information to provide. Ads related to COVID-19 often perform better when part of news programming, according to an in-home audience survey of viewers exposed to ads from Ford, Amazon, and Domino’s by MediaScience.

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Americans’ TV Time Will Grow for First Time Since 2012

US TV viewership and time spent is getting an unexpected bump as people continue to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, eMarketer forecasts the number of traditional TV viewers will grow by 8.3 million to 287.3 million, the first time viewership has seen positive growth since 2011. While older TV viewers are driving most of the increase, all age groups are seeing some growth. The 2020 boost will not last beyond the pandemic, however…

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Pinterest Launches An App On Shopify

As retail increasingly moves online, Pinterest is positioning itself as the future of the shopping mall. As part of Pinterest’s efforts to expand access to both organic and paid shoppable Product Pins to businesses of all sizes, they recently launched a partnership with Shopify. The new app on Shopify gives merchants a quick way to upload product catalogs and turn their products into shoppable Pins.

Pinterest Chief Revenue Officer Jon Kaplan told an Ad Age Remotely livestream, “In Q1, we saw about 145% increase in the number of catalogs being ingested, in part based on the partnership with Shopify.”

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