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About Us

Who We Are

Mancuso Media is a full-service advertising agency that delivers success for our clients through our unique approach, applying cutting-edge media planning and buying strategies on national, regional, and local levels.

Our company philosophy is built on 4 principles:

  • Be AGILE enough to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape, client needs, audience behaviors/habits, and market fluctuations.
  • Create a HOLISTIC strategy that encompasses all facets of advertising for a comprehensive plan with one goal, our clients’ success.
  • Be EFFICIENT and provide our clients with media plans designed to maximize effectiveness and minimize waste.
  • Be EFFECTIVE in generating the results our clients deserve by regularly monitoring and tracking every campaign’s results and success.

Our in-house team of experts create customized media solutions designed to align seamlessly with your company’s goals, culture and messaging. We get the job done and deliver results through skilled negotiations for the best rates, placements, and added value for our clients.

Tenured marketing and media experts

Our team brings extensive executive-level marketing experience, talent, and passion to develop smart and effective advertising campaigns to successfully promote our clients’ products or services.

How We Work

Seamless integration of traditional and digital media

With so many different advertising options available, it is imperative to work with a company who understands the benefits and limitations of each when making media decisions. We have the know-how to combine all forms of traditional and digital media into an effective, multi-tiered campaign. The process involves handpicking the precise platforms that best work together to garner optimal results, while minimizing waste.

Optimized spend delivering maximum conversions

We help businesses budget their advertising dollars wisely and efficiently to maximize conversion rates. Working across all media platforms including new and emerging channels, we specialize in helping clients extend their advertising reach at every budget level. Did we mention we are masters at negotiations?

Why Mancuso Media

We measure everything and focus on ROI

  • Results matter so we measure absolutely everything.
  • We work very closely with our clients’ marketing teams on the most effective way to measure response and ROI. We provide countless measurement reporting tools and platforms including call-tracking, heat-mapping, custom pixels, detailed web analytics, etc.
  • We help you streamline your customer’s journey to make it easy for them to purchase your product or service.
  • We have the agility and resources to optimize your ad dollars.
  • We customize our buys to target your product’s specific audience by layering in criteria such as geo-fencing, demographics, behavior and contextual habits, direct mail with layered IP targeting, and so much more. This allows us to maximize your budgets and minimize waste.
  • We use industry-leading tools for our qualitative and quantitative research, including STRATA/Freewheel, the leading media buying software.
  • Mancuso Media only works with one company in your industry within your geographic market.
  • Since our start in 2007, our client’s business and success have been our highest priority.


Our Team:

Analysts, seasoned media buyers, project managers that keep us in line, creatives, advertising rock stars and Google ads experts - we are Mancuso Media.

Mancuso Media Team
Team Member
Mancuso Media

Gina Mancuso | President | Owner
Team Member
Gina Mancuso – Owner & President

President of Mancuso Media since 2007, Gina founded the firm after serving as an Account Executive at Cox Media and Channel 4 Padres for 8 years. With more than 20 years of experience in multi-platform, holistic and fully integrated marketing, she has filled almost every role in the company, including media buying, media planning, account services, project management, media coordination, production coordinator and sales.  Her unique ability to lead from a client-first mentality is the core of our organizational culture, and she has trained her entire team to go the extra mile to meet clients’ urgent needs.

Mancuso Media | Team
Team Member
Mancuso Media

Jenny Mendoza | Director, Digital Strategy
Team Member
Jenny Mendoza – VP of Marketing

Jenny has been leading our digital strategy & web development teams since 2013. A dynamic marketing executive with more than 20 years of strategic brand marketing experience. Prior to joining Mancuso Media, she was VP of Marketing & eCommerce for a National travel website. Current responsibilities include all aspects of digital marketing: SEO, Paid Search, Remarketing, Programmatic, OTT and Mobile marketing.

Candace Souleles | Media Buyer
Team Member
Candace Souleles – Media Director

Candace joined Mancuso Media to develop media strategies and provide planning and buying services to their vast array of clients. She is well-versed in a wide range of media platforms such as television, radio, out of home, OTT, digital and more. She is knowledgable of the San Diego market and beyond, and has analyzed, planned, negotiated and placed fully-integrated media campaigns for a variety of clients.

Andrew Parker - Business Development
Team Member
Andrew Parker – Business Development

Andrew joined Mancuso Media to develop new business opportunities and identify growth potential for both new and established clientele. Andrew’s previous experience working with corporate partnerships at San Diego State and UC San Diego Intercollegiate Athletics has allowed him to develop a unique perspective in identifying industry trends that promote positive brand exposure. He aspires to serve and empower businesses with the tools, knowledge, and skills to advantageously advertise in the traditional and digital media landscapes.

Elizabeth Miljan - Project Manager
Team Member
Elizabeth Miljan – Project Manager

Lizzi joined Mancuso Media as a social media intern coming out of college. In the four years since, she has transitioned from intern to project manager to supporting Mancuso Media’s digital department as a digital analyst. Working on everything from social media, YouTube, and PPC ads to mobile campaigns to on-site and off-site SEO, Lizzi creates and analyzes reports and assists in planning and executing digital media campaigns. Her strong attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond helps her achieve the best results for her clients.

Todd Lindbergh | Business Manager
Team Member
Todd Lindbergh – Business Manager

Todd graduated college with a BS degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting from the University of California system in early 2000. Since that time, he has accumulated over 20 years in industry accounting experience. His knowledge in auditing, accounting and fiscal analysis is extensive and varied. He worked as an auditor for a small regional accounting firm in southern California before he started working for Cox Media in San Diego prior to coming to Mancuso Media in 2013. In his role as the business manager, he oversees and leads the company’s operations and employees ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Charlie Portman | Digital Analyst
Team Member
Charlie Portman – Digital Analyst

Before joining Mancuso Media, Charlie obtained over 30 years of experience working as an Account Manager, Research Director, and National Sales Manager for Cox Media and has proven his ability to lead sales teams through strategic planning and positioning skills. Currently, he designs and processes weekly media reports for the agency clients utilizing phone calls data and Google analytics data.

Parker Papaccio Content Strategist
Team Member
Parker Papaccio – Content Strategist

Parker graduated in 2020 from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Before working at Mancuso, she worked to curate and execute content for multiple startups, advertising agencies, and luxury fashion companies. At Mancuso, Parker produces high-quality marketing content using cutting-edge techniques. She uses her creativity and strong communication skills to leverage social media platforms and build targeted campaigns to increase brand awareness.

David Cung - Graphic Web Designer
Team Member
David Cung – Graphic Designer

David is a senior graphic designer & html developer based in San Diego, California. He specializes in brand development and marketing campaigns. A few of his most recent clients were Nestle and Resmed, where his talent in both print and digital proved valuable to take ideas from conception to realization.

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