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Our print marketing campaigns will reach and engage with your audience giving them a tangible piece to take the desired action.

Many marketers have switched their focus to social media and other forms of digital marketing leaving a huge opportunity for your business to be a dominant voice in print media marketing.

Our Print Marketing Services

Print media still holds great credibility in the minds of many consumers. A tangible advertisement gives people the opportunity to physically interact with your brand or hold onto it as a method to recall your business often keeping a print piece for many weeks.

Print media is not “dying”, but it definitely is changing.  There are many specialty publications that are only available in print or focus solely on their print audience who are generally engaged with the advertisers in their publications. Advertising in these publications allows you to target niche audiences, interests or topics, and specific neighborhoods, demographics, or social groups.

Print can also be very personalized, our printer has custom machines that create hand-written notes or envelopes which often are more likely to be opened than ones that appear sterile and part of a mass or bulk mailing.

Modern Print Marketing

In addition to being used in stand-alone marketing, print marketing can be used in conjunction with forms of digital marketing and other forms of marketing to get a consumer engaged with you on other platforms. This can turn your print media into a traceable interface. Consider these ways that Mancuso Media will help you pair print and digital media:

  • QR codes – (nope, they are not dead), they are very much alive thanks to Apple and Android making QR readers easy to access through the camera on your phone. Brands are now utilizing QR codes in print more often to have an offline to online engagement with their customers.
  • Promo Codes – traceable promotional offers available through print codes
  • Special Offers – trackable offers available by calling a specific phone number or entering a ‘hidden’ landing page on your website that can only be accessed using an offer URL.

All of these tactics can be used to make your business visible to more potential customers.

Looking to AMPLIFI your Print Marketing with a Digital BOOST?

We’ve got a great product that allows us to “RAIN” your ads digitally to the households you are targeting to coincide with the drop of your print pieces. We’ve tested this out and have found that we get a +30% lift in engagement when we overlay a targeted digital campaign over the households that are already being targeted by print media.

Download the full infographic here.

If you are interested in this new and highly effective media strategy, give us a call or Contact Us today and we’ll get started customizing a plan for you.

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