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What is Media Buying?

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Media buying and planning are the key to any advertising campaign’s success. At Mancuso Media, we have the experience, expertise, relationships with our vendors, knowledge of the ever-changing media landscape, and the agility to develop a plan designed to maximize results!

The success of an advertising campaign is based on a number of elements, i.e., creative strategy, budget, market factors, etc., but none are as critical as making the best media mix decisions for customers to find an advertiser’s product or service.

Media Buying involves evaluating your goals and budgets, identifying who your potential customer is, and determining the most efficient media in which to run your ads. A strategically targeted plan consists of the best media channels to influence the right audience the precise number of times necessary for your messaging to resonate, while minimizing waste. It sounds simple, but it is actually a fairly complex process.

The first steps to developing a highly-targeted and strategic media plan are to perform a thorough needs-analysis of the your goals and expectations, assess what your competitors are doing, and determine budgets. Then a comprehensive, quantitative, and qualitative profile of your potential customer is developed based on gender, age, buying habits, income levels, how they consume media, and many other factors.

Once the potential customer is identified, the next step is use a variety of metrics to research and analyze the full landscape of media options (radio, television, print, out-of-home, streaming audio, OTT (streaming television), programmatic digital campaigns, etc.), to determine the best media channels to layer into the plan to achieve your goals. Then, the media buyer negotiates with the appropriate media entities to determine which station(s) or platforms deliver the most impressions at the lowest unit rate.

From there, the plan is formulated to achieve the necessary reach (the percentage of the market in your target demographic) and frequency (the number of times the message is heard/seen) with each media channel reinforcing and supporting each other to achieve your goals.

So, if you are looking to promote your product, or have a company that would like to offer media buying in-house through our white label services, our media experts will help you achieve success! Contact us today.