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Paid Search | PPC

Ensure your brand can be found by your customers the moment they turn to the internet for a solution to their needs.

PPC Advertising is a fundamental ingredient within your marketing strategy and a highly-effective lower marketing funnel platform. When your customers are looking for your product or service, they will typically go to a search engine like Google or BING for answers.

Why Hire an Agency to Run My PPC?

Google Ads is a competitive channel and requires the expertise to build a successful campaign. There are hundreds of ways to optimize a paid search campaign. From keyword and bid changes, time-of-day, device, and audience targeting, an effective PPC campaign requires the agility to constantly analyze and make ongoing incremental changes to maximize results. Additionally, Google has very specific parameters every advertiser must adhere to, so it is crucial to choose the right partner to manage your PPC campaigns to ensure your campaign runs as planned.

The PPC team at Mancuso Media is Google Ads-certified in Search, Display & YouTube.

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Experts in Controlling Costs and Leveraging Audiences to Find Your Customers

We build cost-effective digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms to get you more qualified leads and conversions. Whether your goals are more phone calls, store visits, or lead generation, we incorporate sophisticated targeting strategies and structured optimizations to all of our campaigns, ensuring that your brand, products, and services are shown to your ideal customers the moment they turn to Google for a solution. We encourage you to check out our PPC Case studies.

Mancuso Media takes a results-oriented approach to all of our marketing campaigns and uses a data-driven optimization strategy to drive conversions and generate revenue.

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