YouTube Advertising

Your potential customers are on YouTube every day, searching for content on this video platform for entertainment, education, and social media.

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine?  Did you know YouTube Advertising is the most cost-effective reach media channels in the market today?

Video is one of the most powerful forms of media for engaging content. The combination of sight, sound, and motion has been a staple in advertising to get buyers’ attention since the inception of television, and just about everyone has access to videos on YouTube for free across all devices from smartphones to their connected televisions. The combination of consumers with free access to the largest video content library in the world and a low-cost advertising opportunity makes this a no brainer when it comes to getting your brand noticed on this channel.

Mancuso Media has years of experience helping businesses get their message in front of the right audience utilizing YouTube campaigns for a fraction of the cost of traditional TV & Connected TV. YouTube is one of the best value channels for targeting and reach especially if you want to advertise on television, but don’t have the television advertising budget.

YouTube advertising can be a powerful tool, but you need an agency who understands how to setup your campaigns with the proper targeting to stretch your budget and knowledge to effectively optimize once it is running.

Our experts will walk you through the best ad formats which will depend upon your campaign goals, current ad formats include:

  • TrueView In-stream Ads
  • Skippable In-stream Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • Pre-roll Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Sequenced Ads

Each format has its own benefits and the right combination will lead to a customer journey that brings your targeted audience to find your brand.

Whether you are looking for new customers, to move potential customers through your marketing funnel, or to remarket to people who have visited your site, our team of paid media experts will help build a YouTube advertising campaign that meets your goals.

We use your goals to determine the best targeting for your campaign.

YouTube utilizes the algorithms found within Google’s marketing engine which gives us the ability to tap into the highly specific audience targeting to reach not only your demo within your geographic area, but we can also built custom audiences based on your consumers online and offline behavior.

These are just a few of the ways we can utilize targeting on YouTube:

  1. Content related to your keywords
  2. Specific videos or websites
  3. People who have visited parts of your website
  4. Videos or specific topics

Contact our YouTube certified experts for a free audit and consultation today.

Why Consider YouTube Advertising?

  • Lowest cost-per-view advertising medium; resulting in more reach for your $$
  • Pay only for engaged viewers
  • No cost for ads that are “skipped”
  • Earned conversions are free! You only pay when the viewer watches your video 30+ seconds or clicks to your site
  • Targeting is much more sophisticated & detailed, way more options than demo + geo
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