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Display advertising is both an effective marketing tool to drive conversions at the bottom of your funnel and to fill the top of your marketing funnel with new customers.

With Display advertising, you can easily waste budgets if you are not utilizing the proper exclusions and specific targeting & placements to make your campaign a huge success.

The experts at Mancuso Media are ready to help you build an effective display campaign that fill the top of your customer funnel with qualified prospects.

We utilize display advertising to show your ads on specific websites your customers are likely to visit, on articles related to your product/service, and target certain topics & categories to introduce your brand to new people every day. Display advertising is the most cost-effective marketing strategy to gain brand awareness on a large scale by targeting your ideal customers based on a multitude of factors including:

  • Websites, blogs and online news articles
  • Demographics (age, gender, household income, education, etc.)
  • Location
  • Offline interests or behavior
  • Life Events and much more

Use display advertising to drive conversions on your website.

One of the most effective conversion driving strategies is Remarketing. Use display advertising as a gentle push to bring website visitors back to your website to complete the conversion – whether that is an online purchase or conversion actions like phone calls & form completions.

When display advertising is used in tandem with search PPC, you can create touch points across the customer journey. This is a huge advantage – filling the top of your funnel with qualified leads, being there the moment a potential customer searches for a solution and bringing them back to your website to complete the conversion.

Programmatic Display

Other forms of display advertising include running a Programmatic campaign. There are many different ways to find your customers online and buying ads programmatically is finding those customers at the moment they are online using a complicated algorythim that takes many factors into consideration regarding the audience targeting we deploy, and bidding in real time for that customer. It is a sophisticated one-to-one marketing channel that can be very effective for finding the right customers.

Website Retargeting

Whether you’ve spent advertising dollars bringing potential customers to your site or if they’ve found you organically, you’ll want to make sure you are retargeting them with new offers giving them reasons to come back and buy from you. Mancuso Media will help you build a robust retargeting plan into your marketing to make sure your customers stay top of mind and don’t forget about you and go to a competitor.

Contact us to get you started with Display advertising and let’s get you found all over the web!

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