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Mobile Advertising

Consumers spent 35% more time on mobile in 2019 than they did in 2017, totaling an average of 3.7 hours per day spent on mobile devices.

Nearly 28% of consumers’ time awake is spent on their smartphones. Consumers spend 50% of their time on mobile in Social and Communication-based apps.

Naturally, it makes sense to advertise on mobile where most of your customers are spending their time. Mancuso Media offers a mobile advertising platform that is not only affordable but extremely targeted, with the ability to get your ads in front of your customers whenever and wherever they are on their mobile devices.

Benefits of this Mobile Platform Include:

  • Serves ads during in-app activity, avoiding ad blockers
  • Be there when your customers are engaged in their favorite apps and are in geographic proximity to your targeted location
  • Provide a seamless way to get your customers to take the next step

Sample mobile ads

Geo-Location Targeting:

We use this highly-targeted platform to contact customers that may be hard to reach. Below is a small sampling of our geo-location targeting capabilities.

  • Radius around where your customers’ shop, dine, live or work; a competitors’ store or place your customers are currently getting your product or service. We will RAIN your ads over a location.
  • Geo-Target Communities that are difficult to access with traditional advertising (i.e. Direct Mail or Television).
  • Roof-top Targeting: Target specific households by IP or ISP
  • Zip Codes with High Intent History based on your CRM insight & customer lists
  • Website Retargeting by dropping a cookie on the mobile devices of website visitors to target later
  • Event Targeting Collect RFIDs of mobile devices present at a specified event (i.e. benefit gala, concert, grand opening) and hold them in a data locker for you to target later

With these targeting options and much more, we can strategically increase advertising presence for any desired geographic area or captured audience at any time.

Looking to AMPLIFI your Print Marketing with a Digital BOOST?

We’ve got a great product that allows us to “RAIN” your ads digitally to the households you are targeting to coincide with the drop of your print pieces. We’ve tested this out and have found that we get a +30% lift in engagement when we overlay a targeted digital campaign over the households that are already being targeted by print media.

Download the full infographic here.

Contact Mancuso Media today to get your brand in front of your customers when they are shopping or searching on their mobile devices.

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