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Reputation Management

Getting reviews on your business and responding to them in a timely matter is a key component to a great score on search engines.

Can your business be found on all of the important directories and online review sites? When you want to push out a new photo, change an address or add to your business description do you need to login to many different directories to do so? If this sounds familiar, we have a solution for you!

Manage One to Thousands of Listings With Ease

Whether you manage one or thousands of locations you need a tool to help manage these important components of your local search which ultimately help your SEO. Mancuso Media not only provides a great platform solution, but we can also manage the day-to-day updates for your business.

Respond to reviews from one platform

The dashboard aggregates all of your reviews into one comprehensive platform so you can view how your stores are doing at a glance and it even allows you to benchmark against your top 5 competitors. You can respond to most reviews on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and in some cases Yelp (for businesses with 10+ locations) using one easy-to-use platform.

Need to ask one of your managers to follow up on a bad review before you respond? No problem, this reputation management platform allows you to assign a task to a co-worker asking them to follow up and keeps you apprised of each step in the process as the task gets handled.

Benefits include:

  • Keeping your local listings updated across hundreds of directories and social sites
  • Aggregates your reviews into one dashboard
  • Reputation management – ability to respond to reviews in real-time
  • Email reviews daily or as soon as they come in so you are first to know when someone posts about you
  • Upload a new image, description, or appointment URL for your business and push it out to all directories at one time
  • Duplicate listing identification and removal
  • Voice Engine Optimization – we help you clean up your listings to be found on voice searches

There are many other benefits to this platform, but don’t take our word for it, contact us for a free demo or an audit of how your business is currently appearing online from a directory, citations, and reviews standpoint.

Give us a call today at (760) 632-8211 and let’s get your business listing/s found whenever people are searching!

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