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Advertising on the radio is a powerful and cost-effective tool to reach huge audiences and connect with customers on a more intimate level to drive customer engagement and sales.

Terrestrial (Traditional) Radio: Listening from the Car, Home, or Office

Millions tune in to terrestrial radio stations daily, whether to hear the traffic reports on their morning commute, vibe on their favorite music, or get an update on today’s weather or sports. While radio is deeply rooted in traditional media, it still stands as a powerful tool to reach consumers. A talented radio personality that connects well with their listeners can be a huge asset in conveying your brand messaging. Plus, sponsored traffic and weather spots allow for market-wide coverage and frequency for brand recognition. Regardless of where your business is located, we can strategize, plan and buy radio advertising in your local market.

Targeted Streaming and Podcast Audio

Audio platforms via smart speakers or other streaming devices on Pandora, Spotify, iHeart, etc. continue to grow in popularity. This is good news for advertisers with niche markets, as we can target your product to a custom audience specific to your product or service. We can impact consumers of a certain age, geographic location, interest, and topic – you name it!

Plus, the time people are spending on their favorite podcasts is constantly increasing as well. Every day someone launches a new podcast and the breadth of topics people are creating is endless. Podcast advertising is a growing, viable channel to layer into any audio-based media plan.

Benefits of Using Mancuso Media for Your Radio Media Buying

Radio is as relevant as ever. Let us help get your radio schedule underway to promote your latest offer or upcoming event. We’ll work with you on the media buy, scriptwriting, spot production, and selection of voice-over talent that fits your brand’s personal style. With endless music beds and sound-effect options, we can create a customized sound to fit your product!

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