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OTT | Connected TV

As more and more viewers have “cut the cord” and are consuming their TV content online, it is imperative to include OTT or Connected TV in your plans. As such, we understand how critical it is to maximize the benefit of this platform.


OTT stands for “over the top television,” and is any TV content that is streamed over the internet. OTT allows advertisers to target those who are no longer subscribing to cable or satellite television. With this platform we can advertise your product or service to a very specific audience that you, the advertiser chooses. Why is it called over-the-top? This is because the ads are being served over smart TV’s or connected devices on a streaming service such as Hulu, Sling, Roku and hundreds of smaller online niche providers where your audience may be viewing content. OTT ads run across devices via TV sets, mobile devices, computers, and tablets as well.

How Streaming is Different from Broadcast TV

Unlike broadcast or cable television advertising, which is largely one ad to many viewers for the same show during the same commercial break, OTT technology serves ads to a particular audience type which provides for a much more one-to-one relationship with your customer.

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

Also known as ‘Programmatic advertising’ via TV, it allows the advertiser to choose not only where they want to advertise from a geographic standpoint, (locally, regionally, nationally, or by zip codes), but they can also include many different layers of targeting to create the ideal ‘custom audience’ for your product or service, while minimizing waste.

There are over 500 options to select criteria such as age/gender, household income, nationality, interests etc. in order to target the audience specific to your product or service.

Reporting & Tracking Capabilities

Unlike broadcast, cable, or satellite television, we can monitor your ad’s responses via placement of a tracking pixel on your spots. This ensures we are optimizing your targeting to provide maximum ROI.

Is it Affordable?

Since there are so many niche providers and a continuously-growing amount of streaming services, there are lots of opportunities for advertisers. You no longer need to think of television advertising as something for only advertisers with large budgets. TV advertising has become much more affordable with these new targeted options. At Mancuso Media we can help you maximize your budget and generate results!

Benefits of using Mancuso Media for your OTT Media Buying

Mancuso Media has the experience and expertise to develop a highly-targeted OTT plan designed to impact your particular audience segment. We will place your ads in premium content with over 125 providers. The ads are non-skippable, and can fall within prime time shows, news, live sporting events, movies, network programming, etc., whatever your potential customer is viewing. We target the person who is in your target audience, not by subject matter.

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