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Account Management

The key to pulling all the elements of a media campaign together is strong account management.

The advertising account manager serves as the liaison between the client (including their staff) and the entire agency team.

To ensure a successful media campaign, it is imperative that we work very closely with our clients to understand your goals and expectations, recommend an overall strategy, monitor sales, and market share, introduce new and innovative marketing opportunities, and much more. It is the account manager who ties each of the elements together. As we consider ourselves a part of our client’s marketing team, we place a high level of importance on cultivating and growing these relationships.

The Account Manager is responsible for:

  • Regular communication and client meetings to discuss all aspects of the campaign
  • Monitoring the performance of the various advertising channels
  • Reviewing and analyzing all metrics and attribution reporting to ensure the campaigns are running as expected
  • Tracking campaign results, sales, and conversions with regular reporting to ensure all goals are being met
  • Managing client budgets to ensure spending levels remain within bounds
  • Working with each of the agency staff members to communicate your needs and goals and provide parameters for the media buys, digital campaigns, production specifications, etc.
  • Oversee the agency’s project managers to provide direction on tasks, ensure all deadlines are met, and that all work is done correctly
  • Make recommendations to help streamline your customer’s journey so that they are more likely to buy from you

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