UC San Diego Health

UC San Diego Health, a premier teaching hospital with a level 1 trauma center and provider of specialty health care and wellness throughout San Diego County.

Goals and Objectives:

The goal for UCSD Health was simple for our program:
Insure that the organization dominates the share of voice across the San Diego DMA for people who are looking for health care and specialty procedures.


Mancuso Media worked on an integrated branding campaign for UC San Diego Health during FY 2015 & FY 2016 that combined Television, Radio, Digital & print ads to both inform and educate local San Diegans while at the same time keeping the brand top of mind.

We put together a plan which incorporated monthly campaigns across 6 local television stations including pre-roll video on TV station websites; 5 Radio stations; media in targeted local print publications including San Diego Magazine, San Diego Business Journal & the San Diego Union Tribune.

Paid Search was also deployed as a lower funnel initiative for people who were actively searching for primary care or specialty services provided by UCSD Health.


Mancuso Media met the goal of keeping UC San Diego Health top-of-mind for both new and ongoing patients, and the hospitals mentioned they experienced a notable increase in volume of patients at their hospitals during this time frame.

UCSD Physicians reported to the UC San Diego marketing staff how impressed they were with the branding placements because they were experiencing UC San Diego Health promoted all across San Diego during the campaign. Their patients noticed the marketing of our hospitals reaching across the County and had very positive things to say about why they chose to come to UC San Diego Health instead of other hospitals in the area.
Mancuso over-delivered in premium placements on both TV and Radio and negotiated buys that we were very happy with. GRPs were much higher than anticipated, surpassing our expectations.

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