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We have worked with several nonprofits since our inception in 2006. This particular organization has been our client for over 5 years and is the largest nonprofit in San Diego.


Fundraising and getting a consistent stream of volunteers is a critical task for nonprofit organizations. There are many nonprofit organizations vying for donations year-round from philanthropists, past contributors, and community members. These organizations also need to fill volunteer positions with individuals and businesses who want to support their worthy cause.

Each year, the objective is to keep our clients’ nonprofit organization top of mind, not only during the heavy “giving time” of the year but year-round so their messaging is consistently heard and recalled, especially when competitor nonprofits start their seasonal-only advertising.


Our client has an experienced in-house marketing team who handles day-to-day initiatives, press releases, organic social media posts, website updates, traditional linear TV and radio buys, and direct mailing. They use Mancuso Media as an extension of their marketing team. We handle all of the digital advertising strategy and execution from paid search and display campaigns to YouTube advertising, OTT/Connected TV advertising, mobile geo-fence targeting, social media advertising, and other digital media platforms to keep their brand top of mind and consistently drive web traffic to acquire more volunteers and donations, throughout the year and especially during the important year-end holiday giving time. We utilize these same digital marketing tactics to market special events including an annual music festival, a 5-K/10-K Run – Walk and other seasonal fundraising events.


We’ve been working with this client since 2016, and they have increased their donations, as well as their volunteer pool of individuals and businesses each year, surpassing their donation goals, brand awareness, and share within the local nonprofit market. This past year they enjoyed a 28% YOY increase in donations.

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