tv_iconMancuso Media, LLC is a San Diego based advertising agency and a one-stop shop for all your media needs.  We have a 50+ years of experience in traditional media, including extensive experience buying and selling television advertising.

One of our strengths is the ability to combine a traditional medium, like television, with a newer medium like digital, working seamlessly together to make both more effective at marketing your brand.

The Benefits of Television Advertising

While Internet usage and time spent with mobile devices is steadily growing each year, television remains the highest reaching medium available. People still spend more time each day with TV than they do with any other medium. A majority of consumers credit TV ads as more influential in making purchasing decisions.

How can you buy TV advertising and successfully combine it with other mediums?  This is where Mancuso Media comes in…

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Television Media Buying Opportunities We Offer:

  • Broadcast: local, regional and national
  • Cable/Satellite: local, regional and national
  • Long-form programs (aka infomercials or program time)
  • Video-On-Demand
  • Special in-program or in-content features and elements

We’ve found that TV and Digital work very well together, extending the reach of both. More and more consumers are being prompted by a television spot to go on-line and learn more about a product or service.  A larger population of television viewers are “watching TV” while working, playing or shopping on their tablet, laptop or mobile device – does that sounds like your household?

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Why Choose Mancuso Media as your Television Buying Agency?

  • We have access to the best planning and buying tools on the market.  This allows us to research, analyze and strategically put together the best plans for our clients.  Mancuso Media uses STRATA for our media buying.
  • STRATA is a key tool we use to buy all media types including cable, broadcast, newspaper, radio and outdoor, and even Pandora.  More agencies use STRATA than any other system, so our clients know we use the best system available to plan, analyze and strategically create a customized marketing plan to reach their unique needs.

The bottom line is we know TV, we’ve sold it and we certainly know how to buy it.  More importantly, we know how to combine it with other mediums, especially digital marketing channels, to make it more efficient and more effective for you, our client.